Welcome to the Terahertz Integrated Circuits Laboratory (TICL) at the University of Central Florida. Our research is focused on pushing the boundaries of high-speed integrated circuits with on-chip antennas for broadband wireless links, spectral sensing, and analog signal processing applications.

Research Topics

► High-speed analog/RF integrated circuits and systems
► On-chip antenna arrays
► Low-noise frequency synthesizers
► Precision microwave sensing and spectroscopy
► Space-time interferometric/ holographic analog signal processing
► Wavefront shaping and nonlinear filtering
► Wave-based mathematical operations

► Bandwidth-scalable RF frontends

► Multispectral radar

► Hybrid electronic-photonic systems

Dr. Mahdi Assefzadeh
E-mail: mahdi.assefzadeh@ucf.edu
Phone: (407) 823-5957
ECE Department
Office: Harris Eng. Center HEC-312
Lab: Research 1 Building R1-331
University of Central Florida
4000 Central Florida Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32816
Research 1 Building
L3Harris Engineering Center
Graduate and Postdoc Applicants
Prospective graduate students interested in THz electronics are encouraged to follow the UCF application process and contact me. For postdoctoral and undergraduate positions, please email Dr. Assefzadeh with your CV and transcripts.